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Lesbian Wallflower

is actually a phrase i take advantage of to describe a lesbian loner. Typically, a femme/lipstick lesbian that’s a little marginalized inside the LGBT society (in other words. not one person knows the woman is a lesbian because of the woman womanliness). She most likely doesn’t have many homosexual friends features been solitary for a long period. Does any kind of this ring a bell? Welcome to the dance club.

So how does this take place? You can find 2 primary main reasons why you will end up being a lesbian wallflower:


When you yourself have long-hair, wear lip stick, or like gowns… you are probably a lesbian wallflower. One of many reasons we fall target for this tag could be because of the inculcation of lesbian stereotypes as well as how we’re ‘supposed to check’. There is extreme part nowadays’s community that angles sexuality on look. You shouldn’t be embarrassed, we take action (you’re sleeping should you decide state that you do not). Appearance can also be among the first steps lesbians try to choose the homosexual girl from a large group. According to the stereotypes, a feminine lesbian is more probably be seen erroneously as a heterosexual girl because she doesn’t put on snapbacks and board shorts on a regular basis.

Socializing (or lack of).

Pretty much every woman scanning this can empathize with how challenging it can be to generally meet a lesbian women. All of our choices are very restricted to homosexual nightclubs (in case you are fortunate having a gay world in your neighborhood) and online dating (

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, of course). Unless you participate in all preceding tasks, you’ll likely remain as yet not known on lesbian area forever *cue globally’s littlest violin*.

The rewards.

One of the recommended rewards of being a lesbian wallflower has the energy to choose when and to that you come out. It’s just like being an undercover secret representative (D.E.B.S., anyone?)! There’s been countless times when I’ve found myself personally in a group of those who find a controversial gay rights discussion or two. We happily tune in to all the viewpoints before I choose to decrease the I’m-a-lesbian bomb and relish inside the number of reactions.

The not-so-perks.

As a lesbian wallflower, if you

carry out

find a way to make homosexual buddies you might still feel omitted through the lez community. Im constantly rebuked when it comes down to enjoyment I take in ‘girly’ flicks like

He’s Simply Not That Into You


Cruel Intentions

. Previously have the discussion, ”


lesbians can’t stand those sorts of movies”? Well we state, by no means or kind should anyone previously want to confirm his / her sexual direction for somebody more.

Should you discovered yourself nodding in contract, or shouting “yaaas” in your mind whilst reading this article, realize you’re certainly not alone. There are plenty of strategies to overcome yourself as a lesbian wallflower. And that I’ll be back to share with you a lot more a few weeks. Avoid being nervous to get your self on the market socially, via

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or tumblr, you likely will fulfill other homosexual gals like you!

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